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Commentary on the Church & Theology

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3 Ways to Pray for Your Pastors & Church Leaders

Posted on Jan 21 by

This afternoon I read a short book called I Am a Church Member by Thom Rainer. The fourth chapter in the book is “I Will Pray for My Church Leaders” and he gives us 3 ways that we can specifically pray for them. Pray for His Family Pray for His Protection Pray for His Physical & Mental Health 5 minutes a day…Rainer challenges you at the end of the chapter to simply pray for your pastors and church leaders for 5 minutes a day. What a rebuke! This has been a quick and helpful little book that you should consider reading, especially if you are at a place where you haven’t committed to being a member of a local church. Here is a short trailer for the...


A Free ESV Bible

Posted on Jul 24 by

I’ve been partnered with Logos for a number of years and earlier this week they sent me this news to pass along. Until August 10 if you download the Faithlife Study Bible on your iOS, Android, or Kindle Fire device you’ll get the ESV for free—forever. The Faithlife Study Bible is probably the best Study Bible available based on how it uses dynamic content. They are able to do this for free because of a generous partnership they have with Crossway, the publisher of the ESV. I’ve personally been using the Faithlife Study Bible for a while…in fact, since it’s debut. I love how it integrates with other Logos resources I own. Don’t worry though, just because you don’t own a Logos package doesn’t mean this isn’t for you. There are a host of free resources that come with it and others that are available as add-ons. Got questions? Head over to the Faithlife Study...


Remember to Depend on God

Posted on Jun 10 by

I got home late Friday night from being up at Northland the entire week working with some guys in a doctoral class. The week was great but extremely exhausting for me. Details aren’t important, but the fact remains when I hit the weekend I was looking for some R&R. I started Saturday morning off with Michelle planning a date day for us. This was awesome! We slept in a bit, then grabbed brunch at a cool little coffee shop (their website doesn’t do them justice) in Northern Liberties (HT: Rachel McConnell), then did some casual shopping. We finished the day off at one of my favorite hangouts in the city with some friends. A good relaxing day. On Sunday it was awesome to be back at Grace Bible Church. I hadn’t worshipped there in two weeks since I had been at The Transfer Conference two weeks ago and at Northland last week. After church we (my wife & two girls living with us for the summer) drove to our friend Jami’s graduation party—close to 3 hours away. Although we spent...


Why America Needs Duck Dynasty

Posted on Dec 10 by

I came across this article this morning that my friend Craig had posted to Facebook. I read it—agree heartily with it and really cannot improve on it…so I simply link to it here for your reading pleasure. The author, Eric Douglas, is a pastor in Moreland,...


Why I Moved to Philadelphia

Posted on Dec 7 by

I love telling the story about why I moved back to Philadelphia! It has God’s grace written all over and what a tremendous privilege to tell people about the grace of God! Well part of the reason I moved back to Philadelphia was posted today on the Sovereign Grace Plant & Build blog. Here is the video that accompanied that...


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